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The Art of Photography (2022) is Renée Paule’s debut book. A didactic manual for photographers in spe – simultaneously being and seeming so – it’s particular sensibility is part guerilla, part exposé, part gesamtkunstwerk. Translating photography to increasingly-instructive pages, the reader/pupil is initiated step-by-step in the distinct and highly-personal philosophy of a photographer with lessons to learn not just on the importance of camera vision and all its accompanying clichés (persisting, the book defends, for a reason!) but showing too, between the lines, that generosity + the marvel of the image and its intrinsic imagination will always disarm the gatekept. 


The book, contrary to popular opinion, is still available in its second edition.

Delivered world-wide to your doorstep, a lucky few hand-signed. 



Interested in your very own copy?

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