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Mapping the Light

Poster 1 print A2_edited.jpg




Boney inside-out white umbrella

Boney inside-out black umbrella

Blitz Flash Light + white umbrella

Blitz Flash Light + black umbrella

Bare Blitz Flash Light 

Camera of choice

Chroma key [green] 

Upward white umbrella

Upward black umbrella

Blitz Flash Light + softbox 80x40

Blitz Flash Light + softbox 40x40

Blitz Flash Light + octo softbox 

Reflexion panel + color of choice

Loose light bulb + tripod

Upward white umbrella

Upward black umbrella


Reflexion umbrella [cool] 

Reflexion umbrella [warm] 


Light meter
Electroshock Lightmap
Disco Lightmap
lightmaps 4.png
Passing Beam Lightmap
James Turell Lightmap
lightmaps 3_edited.png
Lace Lightmap
Neo - fountain Lightmap
lightmaps 6.png
Sectio Divina Lightmap
Shining Star Lightmap
lightmaps 5.png
Transforming Lightmap
Smiley Lightmap
lightmaps 1.png
Thermo Lightmap
Bubbly Lightmap
lightmaps 2.png

I like to think that when God created light, he had us photographers in mind.
Renée Paule 

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