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The Flash Studio
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studio greenscreen S.jpg
studio greenscreen S legende.jpg

1. Hasselblad camera X1D with 3D-printed lens on a tripod. 2. Caracole champagne cooler. 3. Wallpaper conforming to Vitruvian codes. 4. White reflection panel lying on the floor. 5. Flash Light blitz-zing dingding dingding 3000V with rectangular softbox. 6. Flash Light Blitzkrieg 5000V with octogonal softbox. 7. Flash Light Multi-Lighter-Blitz 2500V with flash diffuser. 8. Flash Light Bazooka-Beam 7500V with Off-White umbrella. 9. Pink seamless paper backdrop. 10. “Closer to God / In Heels”, read the neon tubes of the sculpture “Neo Cross lamp” made by Maximilian Wiedemann in 2015. Consists of neon, metal and plexiglass. 11. Life-size Art Deco porcelain statue of girl with leaping ibex, produced by Wallendorfer, 1930s. 12. Camera on tripod 13. Spare tripod. 14. Updated laptop. 15. rich rose quartz Art Deco Vases, designed by Frederick Carder for Steuben, 1920s. 16. Holy water font with Jezus carrying the cross, silver-plated brass on black marble, made in Belgium, ca. 1880 - 1890. 17. Balloon dog twisted between shoots. 18. Chanel bag, stranded on set. 19. Corridor connecting the studio with salons, treasure troves and storage spaces. 20. Fossil-black Moroccan marble floor lined with floor spots.


closet S kopiëren.jpg
closet S legende kopiëren.jpg

1. Practical drawers in bluebird wood, with leaf & brass details, designed by Hommés Studio, 2022. 2. Majolica rose vase, signed by Delphin Massier, ca. 1890. 3. Framed “Kiss” knickers, worn by Madonna on her Who’s That Girl tour, 1987. 4. Milton Bond, “The Cloud,” part of a painting triptych inspired by the eponymous Shelley poem, oil on canvas, 1959. 5. Bill Mack, Tranquility, bronze sculpture with white patina, 1994. 6. Italian hand-painted ceramic female head, used as hat or wig stand, 1960s. 7. Plunging silk slip dress with prints of Andy Warhol’s portrayal of Marilyn Monroe, from Gianni Versace’s S/S 1991. 8. Plunging yellow floral satin slip gown, designed by Gianni Versace ca. 1993. 9. Labelless 1980’s-does-1920’s flapper plunging beaded gown-coat with fox fur. 10. Assortment of accessories from various brands. 11. Wide brim hat in suede and fur, designed by Emilio Pucci in the 1990s. 12. Purple and blue satin gown with lace appliqué, designed by Gianni Versace in 1996. 13. Watercolors ensemble in silk, designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, 2010ish. 14. Bicorne hat with rhinestone and feathers, designed by Citation, wool by Bollman Hat Co., 1980s. 15. Luxury dressing table with four drawers, part of the Gattopardo Collection by Fertini Casa. 16. Black mini-dress adorned with red roses, from Chantal Thomass’ F/W 1992. 17. Walking the Cows, a social realist painting by Charlotte Joan Sternberg from 1944. 18. Beautycase. 19. Marble bench. 20. Barbed wire carpet depicting “100 knots”, hand-knotted in wool and silk, designed by Studio Job.


Photoshop studio S kopiëren.jpg
Photoshop studio S legende kopiëren.jpg

1. Darkroom Niche I with grain focuser and Neopan microscope, made by Carl Aubock-Reichert for Reichert Wien, 1963, warranting the highest quality imaginable. 2. Darkroom Niche II with Kaiser VCP 9005, Color and Multigrade Enlarger including unstabilised transformer & 35mm negative mask. 3. Darkroom Niche III “baths” ready to fool around with developing and fixating chemicals. 4. Darkroom Niche III where freshly developed film is left to dry. 5. Red LED light bulb guarding the exposure, also called “safelights.” They turn any room into a darkroom. 6. A cocktail compliments your patience on an Art Deco machine-age serving cart, in polished chrome & black lacquer, United States, ca. 1935. 7. A wireless Tesla beamer projects photographs instantly.  8. Custom-made storage systems, the beating heart of my mini-data center, its veins mining a hyper-image. 9. Draped curtains you can project onto. 10. A number of networked computers, allowing me to zoom in, while keeping an overview at all times. 11. Timer. 12. Wall sconces, entirely composed of black, gold and white glass blown in Murano, 1980s. Not at all mere decoration, the light effect produced by these Venetian follies provides the perfect balance of dimness and brightness, uniquely suited to spend long hours behind screens. 13. Contemplation Niche with the complete eight volumes of Agnes Strickland’s Lives Of The Queens Of Scotland (1840 - 1848), which I consumed fervidly over the course of three feverish weeks in the Highlands, back in 2017. 14. Brainstorm Niche with printed moodboards 15. Brainstorm Niche with handmade mindmaps. 16. Depiction of a Fragaria Vesca, hand-painted papier mache, plaster and wood. Made by me during an excursus in botanic science in 2019. 17. Posture-perfect, a palla or a wellness sitting ball with an eco-sustainable gold skin surface, designed by Atelier Biagetti in 2021. 18. Believing firmly in efficient, compartmentalized furniture, the Process Studio is furnished with two mid-century two-tone lacquered dressers, designed by Milo Baughman for Glenn of California, a combination of rosewood, walnut and steel. 19. Light-weight portable spotlight. 20. Black cat.


studio serre kopiëren.jpg
studio serre S legende kopiëren.jpg

1. Handcrafted brutalist gilt iron sunburst flush mount or wall sconce with pinwheel design, patina with gold leaf gilding, France, 1940s. 2. Working-Out Issues Niche with leather boxing glove, special miniature edition of the leather boxing glove-fauteuil, designed by Ueli Berge for De Sede, 1978. 3. Working-Out Issues Niche with leather DS-2878 Punch Bag, designed by Ueli Berge for De Sede, 1978. 4. Gold Reflector Disc: for a warm tone. 5. Silver Reflector Disc: for a cool tone. 6. Eurolite THA-250F LED spotlight, continuous light. 7. Solar panels, self-sufficient sunlight. 8. Ceramic topiary, the blissful blend of art and nature. 9. Three dolphins support the shell-shaped fountain bowl of an English mid-century stone water feature, providing an incessant stream of drinkable water on set, circa 1950. 10. Porcelain rabbit, heirloom. 11. Orangerie wall, per usual consisting of glass windows, which optimally refracture incoming light, such as the morning sun. 12. Plants growing organically, flowers blooming spontaneously. 13. Camera installed on a tripod. 14. A computer ready for direct display. 15. Translucent white curtain used to soften lights and shadows. 16. Terrazza-shaped DS-1025 sofa, designed by Ubald Klug for De Sede in the 1970s. 17. In-between the wood cracks a forest is hiding. 18. White embroidered sunshade for whenever the natural light becomes too insisting.  19. Yellow Jasperware vase, designed by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1770s. 20. Couch in flower and white dove print, spreading peace in the studio. 

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